Sabaïdee, Bonjour is an association founded on the 16th june 2013.

It is the result of a long discussion followed by a first action in Laos in January 2013..



The headquarters are based in Vendee but the roots of this association are from Laos in a small on the Boloven plateau.






The idea is to create a socially responsible approach by acting particularly on behalf of the children..




Sabaïdee, Bonjour is an association which develops projects by identifying and mobilizing local resources and skills.







This approach aims to cater more closely to the needs expressed by the beneficiary populations by providing comprehensive and sustainable solutions which will help to make these people more autonomous..



The proposed means are adapted to each context, inexpensive and easily appropriated.
The association includes an environmental approach.

which acts independently.

The office is represented by :

  • Christophe trained as an “ International logistician of Solidarity"
  • Pascal, "employee of the territory"
  • Isabelle, "specialised educator"

A trip planned for november 2013 will provide an opportunity to review the actions to be implemented.



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